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getPAID.ie are delighted to offer credit card payment solutions for Stripe customers. Get paid on your website and accept credit card payments from your customers with this custom solution. We will create a web form where your customer can enter the details and make a payment by credit card. The credit card will be processed by Stripe and you can log into your Stripe account to monitor payments and draw down money to your bank account.

In addition, we will send notification emails to you when someone makes a Stripe credit card payment on your website. We will also send a receipt to the customer for the payment. We highly recommend Stripe as a credit card processor as it has one of the lowest fees available for EU customers.


How Does it Work?

It’s easy to set up a Stripe account and if you don’t already have one we can set up an account for you. You will then need to log in and enter your bank account and company details so that payments made and processed by Stripe can be drawn down to your bank account. Once your stripe account is set up and we know what you require from your web payments system we will begin coding. Once this system is created it will be thoroughly tested with Stripe test cards. When you are happy that is working perfectly we can go live.


What do You Need?

In order to process Stripe, you will need an existing website and an SSL certificate provided by a hosting company. The SSL certificate ensures that data is encrypted on your site. This means that when your customer enters their credit card details those details cannot be intercepted by a malicious hacker.


What do You Need From Me?

We will need your hosting log in details, your Stripe details and we will discuss how you would like the form to work. Once we have this and we agree what is to be developed we will begin programming and you can start taking credit card payments within 48 hours.


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Contact us now to discuss your credit card payment needs or to order a custom payment form on your website. Get in touch and get paid today.