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Have a website and want to get paid online? We have your back.Whether you need to accept deposits or full payments for a product or service we can create a payment solution for you.

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you so let me show you how we will quickly get you started accepting credit cards and debit cards on your website.

1. Setup Stripe

Once we have agreed on your payment requirements we will setup your Stripe account for you at Stripe.com. Unlike some payment systems you don’t need a special merchant bank account to use Stripe. Once the account is setup it will be in test mode until you enter your business and bank details. The Stripe test account gives us access to your Stripe test keys which we can use to carry out test payments on your site.

2. Setup Your Payment Form

We will design and program your payment form to work exactly as you wish. We can create email receipts to send to your customers and we will carry out test transactions so that you can see how the system works. We will email a summary of the transaction to you and you can also login to Stripe.com to manage your payments and reports.

3. Finalise Stripe and Go Live

The last thing for you to do is to add your business and bank account details to authenticate your Stripe account and enable draw-down of money to your bank account. Once this is done we will use the live Strip API keys and carry out a live transaction to ensure that your account is working as expected and all live emails and receipts are sent.

That’s it, sit back and enjoy your new income stream accepting credit card payments with Stripe.

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