About Us

GetPaid.ie is an Irish Fintech founded in 2020 by Ruairi Gough, a first-generation entrepreneur and businessman. The simple goal is to help small businesses to get paid. He set up Dental Marketing International in 2011 to provide dental marketing services and Paytient Payments in 2017, a digital payments for healthcare business.

Ruairi Gough CEO & Co-Founder

Ruairi Gough has over 20 years work experience, spending the first half of his career as an employee, and in 2009 becoming an entrepreneur and starting his own businesses. Located in The Hatch Lab Gorey, Wexford (Sunny South East), Ruairi believes the biggest challenge for small businesses or startups is creating and maintaining cashflow.

Having started his first business in the recession in 2011, Ruairi realised quite quickly, that the long term survival of his business, hinged on receiving regular predictable payments from his clients. He searched in the UK and Europe and found a piece of software to collect electronic direct debits which he has used successfully ever since to create a robust sustainable business. Now he wants to help other small Irish businesses achieve the same thing – predictable guaranteed cashflow each month, and less sleepless nights : )